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To saturate the land with a beam of light from God.

Amifilm has been set up to assist churches to bring a glimpse of a loving, forgiving God to all people of all nations. Our vision is to enable churches to go beyond their own parameters to speak to people in today's culture through a unique, short, cutting edge, musical and dramatic film presentation called:


A new, exciting and imaginative way to introduce all people to the reality of Jesus Christ so they may become aware of Him in their life today.

See, I am going to do a new thing.
Isaiah 43 v.19


i.am Trailer from Highway Solutions on Vimeo.

A quote, "The I.Am film is fantastic! This 26 minute film combines stunning scenery with music, dance, rap and the story of a loving God. Within CNI Network we will be using the I.Am film within our night-time communities and showing it in pubs, clubs, safe place drop-in's and we even have plans to show the film on the street with an invitation to one of the pop-up showings. Can I encourage you to plan to use this film wherever you can - people in your community need to watch this and to hear the message it gives."
Paul Blakey MBE, founder Street Angels - CNI Network.


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i.am a sneak preview from Highway Productions on Vimeo.


Filming at the Minack Theatre in Cornwall



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1,040 people have viewed our film to date

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